BrightFleet helps drivers make better decisions, reducing fleet risk and improving safety.

Brilliant Risk Mitigation Programs for Fleets of Any Size

Fleet Risk Management

Find Hidden Risks

Driver risk assessments and countermeasures, all in one easily administered solution.

Drivers make over 200 decisions per mile. The Online Hazard Perception Evaluation is a predictive risk assessment tool that is proven to predict the traffic hazard identification decision-making ability of individual drivers.

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Fleet Safety Programs

Train Effectively

Your drivers deserve to have the world's best safety training program available.

We have licensed the best-of-breed "big fleet" online driver safety training technologies and have packaged them in a way that fits fleets of any size with any mix of vehicle types. Our programs are tailored to meet your fleet's specific needs.

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30% Collision Reduction

Reduce Collisions

Cut your fleet's collision rate by 30-40% in the first year of implementation.

Would you like to be in control of reducing the number of collisions rather than managing fleet accidents? Even if you already have a training program in place, adding this system can reduce your fleet's APMM/K by as much as 30% or more.

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Policy Whitepaper

Understanding Negligent Entrustment Issues When Employees Drive on Company Business

BrightFleet - Excellence Through Training This paper describes the potential liability that lies in having employees drive on company business, and discusses methods in which organizations can work to mitigate the threat of exposure to their financial health and reputation. Download your free copy of this updated report today.

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"If you have people who drive on company time, you need BrightFleet."

- Jeff N.
Loss Control

Fleet Safety Newletter

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